As a professional consultant, I provide advice, support and guidance in the area of organisational, leadership and personal development. I develop and implement tailor-made solutions for organisations as well as individuals.

With over 20 years of experience I bring extensive experience, including in-depth knowledge of the most recent developments. I work as an independent consultant, but when required, bring together and collaborate with experts from of my vast and trusted network.

Leadership Development

Everyone has the potential to be a great leader. This is my fundamental belief. Leadership requires self-awareness. My approach to leadership development starts with the individual: developing self-awareness and personal leadership.
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Organisational Development

Organisational development focuses on helping organisations and their people to improve, become more effective and develop their full potential.
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Individual Coaching

Coaching is a great way to work on your personal development. It helps you to create a clear perspective on your life and to get to know yourself better. From a place of knowing who you are and what drives you, you can make more conscious choices regarding who you want to become.
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I am an experienced, energetic and professional woman. I have a passion for people. I am curious, an avid reader and a life-long student. Words that other people use to describe me are: warm, open, grounded, friendly, calm, wise, deep, a helper, a sharp observer and a true professional.


My life purpose is to help people connect with themselves and to others, in order to create better understanding and awareness. In a business context this takes shape by developing leaders. By living my life purpose I would like to contribute to a better world for all.


My life and work are guided by my personal values: love, warmth, respect, integrity and freedom. It is my fundamental belief that all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole; it is from this perspective that I coach, train, consult and facilitate.